New Resi 5 Details Emerge

The guys over at IGN have just translated a recent interview that was published in the latest edition of Japanese magazine Famitsu in which producer Jun Takeuchi talks about Resi 5. In the article some interesting details are revealed about what we should expect to see in Resident Evil 5 when it gets released in the future.

In regards to the storyline Chris Redfield is now a member of a group called BSAA and according to Takeuchi the desert area seen in the E3 trailer is where the BSAA has dispatched Chris to investigate. Takeuchi also revealed that the new enemies seen in the trailer are brand new and have no relation to the enemies seen in any version of the game in the past. In addition to the new enemy it is also revealed that a certain girl will make an appearance in the game, which Takeuchi described as someone whom fans of the series will recognize.

In terms of gameplay it has been made known that RE5 will be played from a perspective similar to that of Resi 4, but will also try to have a different feel than that game. Takeuchi also promised a big surprise addition that he believes is an obvious evolution for the gameplay. He also mentioned that once the next trailer for the game is released fans will be left with a completely different impression of what to expect from the game. Finally, it was revealed that light will play a role, when Chris enters a doorless building it will take time for his eyes to adapt before he can see correctly, the same effect will happen when going out into a bright area.

Sadly, No solid release date was mentioned during the interview at all.