New Prey Content On The Way

In their latest weekly update, 3D Realms confirmed that they are currently working on a new patch and downloadable content for their latest FPS shooter. For those who have the full game, below are a list of the issues they are currently working on and/or fixed:

– Fixed a crash at startup on some machines
– Fixed an occasional crash on the dedicated server
– Fixed a crash when using image_usecache cvar with very big textures.
– This was causing a crash when a modified prey was loading “Mother’s Embrace”.
– Fixed a crash on some machines when reading savegames.
– Some timedemo features not appearing if you restart between record/playback
– Added widescreen resolutions to menus
– Updated multiplayer browser to fix servers not showing up due to DNS resolution
– Updated multiplayer browser not keeping join button up to date when server summary wasn’t the active tab.
– Updated multiplayer browser so punkbuster icons show up in their column properly
– Updated multiplayer browser so mod games’ icons show up properly
– Updated multiplayer browser so server scanning is more consistent on slower connections
– Fixed multiplayer weapon exploit

This patch is being rolled out for PC users but 3D Realms confirmed developers Venom are infact working on the 360 patch at the moment, but there is no confirmation on what will be included in the 360 version of the patch. 3D Realms also confirmed that new multiplayer content is on the way aswell. There will be four new maps available, focusing more closely on smaller numbers of people (2-4) as this was a request they received a lot from gamers. They are also going to be adding six new player characters, four female and two Hunter.

– Jen
– Elhuit
– Mother
– Becky
– Hunter
– Elite Hunter

As with the bug fix, this will also be appearing on the PC and Xbox 360 but 3D Realms are still yet to determine whether or not to offer this content to 360 users by way of MS Points, as opposed to freely as PC owners will get it.

If you have not picked up Prey yet the feel free to check out our review to see if it is worth it.