Nokia’s New N-Gage Arena Launcher Software

Nokia today announced that it has released a new version of the N-Gage Arena launcher for the over 400,000 N-Gage Arena members. The new version 2.5 includes new features and functionality, as well as updates to the existing services. N-Gage Arena members can now download a free copy of the new launcher here.

The N-Gage Arena launcher, the gateway in the N-Gage phones to the N-Gage Arena, has been revamped to offer even better community and connectivity features to N-Gage owners. New features include Public Group Chat, Friend Rankings, Login Message and Filtered Content. Now users can participate in group chat sessions from within the launcher. Chat rooms are available 24/7 and open to all N-Gage Arena members. Users may now view new rankings tables that allow them to compare their own rankings against members on their Friends list playing the same game. The login message feature allows for a special message to be broadcast in the launcher start up sequence to ensure users are aware of important news. Also, content can now be filtered to specific users based on their operator, country or currently loaded game.

The N-Gage Arena is an integral part of our consumer offering. It is a unique global mobile on-line gaming community and we are excited to make it even better,” says Rob Sears, Director, Community Technology Management, Entertainment Products Business Unit, Nokia. “The new launcher software will enhance the consumer experience, and will help create new opportunities for the operators to tailor content to their customers.”

Improvements to current features and functionality have also been made. The online status indicators on one’s Friends List have been expanded to include more information, such as the title of the game that a friend is currently playing and whether or not the friend is available to chat while in-game. It also shows friends who are in a Public Group Chat session. The launcher’s user interface and menu structure has been updated to be more in-line with the website and thus improve usability. New secondary icons have been added to the main menu to function as indicators and shortcuts to key content areas. Content has been expanded to included user-generated content such as tips & hints and photos. Other general improvements to the launcher’s navigation, alert notification, start up experience and preferences management have also been made to make the consumer experience easier.

The initial offering of the new launcher software for N-Gage QD devices is in English only. Additional versions in twenty-one additional languages, along with software for the N-Gage game deck, will be rolled out later this year.