New 360 controller coming, will have better d-pad

IGN report that at Leipzig they have found a redesigned Xbox 360 controller on the showroom floor. They comment that the controller itself looks no different, but once you pick it up it is highly noticeable that the unresponsive and spongy feel of the old d-pad is now gone, and the reengineered one offers “instant control, with an eight way input taking place of the previous four.

They go on to say that “[a] brief hands-on with the controller playing Pro Evolution 2009 proved that the redesign has been effective, with the d-pad sitting in a larger rocker and proving more tactile.

IGN also remark that games that will benfit from the new d-pad will be the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and Street Fighter IV.

It is likely Microsoft will not make too big of a deal about the release of the new controller, and will just phase out the old one over time when the new one hits stores in mid / late October