New Mario Kart DS Details Courses ‘n Karts

German magazine, “N-Zone” seems to have got the scoop on some new Mario Kart DS information and over there hallowed pages they have disclosed new info on the long awaited DS title.

Firstly the single player game consists of 4 different cups with 8 courses each, by our math that means 32 courses! The game contains some brand new courses titled “Waluigi Flipper“, “Mushroom Mountain“, “Piazza Delfino” and a new as yet unnamed desert track. Courses retuning from old titles are Super Mario Kart’s “Mario Circuit 1” which was first seen of the SNES. “Peach Circuit” & “Bowser Castle 2” from the GBA’s Mario Kart Super Circuit also return. From Mario Kart 64 “Moo Moo Farm” and “Frappe Snowland” make the cross over. Finally from Mario Kart Double Dash!! on the GameCube “Luigis Piste” and “Baby-Park” return to the dual screen handheld.

The magazine also revealed that every driver has two karts he can chose from. One regular kart and one special kart. All in all it seems like this title will be a real must buy for both Nintendo and Mario Kart fans.