New Maps For GRAW 2 In The Throwback Pack

Ubisoft have announced they will be bringing seven new maps to the 360 version of GRAW 2 via a download on the Live Marketplace, the maps however will not be brand new but reworked version of fan favorites from Ghost Recon 2, Summit Strike and the original GRAW. If you are a long time fan then maybe you might remember some of these names – Bonfires, Desert Gulch, Fishing Village, Jungle Mines, Mountain Base, Mountain Falls and Peninsula.

Ubisoft also boast that not only have the maps been given a graphical upgrade but they will be slightly refined to work with GRAW 2’s existing multiplayer modes. The download will go by the name ‘Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Throwback Pack’ and will be 487MB in size on top of that it will take 800 Microsoft points (£6.80/€9.30) from you wallet.