New Lumines Content To Heal The World

Settle down, no it’s not the Michael Jackson pack you have been saving your money for, infact the latest content to be released for Lumines Live is more a case of an ‘inconvenient download’ than anything else. Yes, Q Entertainment have announced they will be bringing new content to Lumines and instead of hogging all the profits they will be s donating a portion of the proceeds to climate protection non-government organisations and other good causes. The two new skin packs that will aid in this will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace on June 27 and include the following:

Booster Pack (600 Microsoft points): More skins to fulfill your LUMINES addiction! Presenting the latest addition to the Challenge Mode, this Booster Pack features 20 stylish skins including some brand new, never before seen designs. A must-see is the unique collaboration between LUMINES and “Bloomy Girls,” a colorful and lively piece created by striking Japanese visual artist/musician Masakatsu Takagi.

Tokyo Club Mix Pack aka SOS Charity Campaign Pack (350 Microsoft points): Experience the Tokyo club scene through LUMINES! Bringing you the beats and visuals from four of the hottest DJs, artists and VJs, this Pack is truly one of a kind. Pack includes “Heavenly Star – SOS Remix” by Genki Rockets, “House66” by Sugiurumn, “4×4 Bricks” by Techriders and “Cosmic Humming” by Muku.

Off course it is nice of them to do this to get the climate message out there but if you think about it for a minute, and you have bought every Lumines Live pack out there, you have already spent in upwards of 2400MP on the game… do you really feel like spending 950 more?