New look PlayStation Store now live

pstoreupdate1_news.jpg pstoreupdate2_news.jpg pstoreupdate3_news.jpg

After been down for a significant period over the course of the day the PlayStation Store has just gone live again, and the servers are once again working. More importantly the brand new look, and non-web interface based store that has been made such a big deal over the course of the past month is now available. The length of the closure was mainly due to having to switch about thousands of new images to import and farm out to the different servers, and having to make sure all the brand new coding works. Thankfully, it seems Sony have done a very good job.

To get access to the store you will have to download the new 2.30 firmware which has just gone live too, you will of course be prompted to do this if you try and access to store beforehand, so you can’t really mess up. The does not seem to be any brand new features included in that firmware other than functionality that will help the new PlayStation Store run more efficiently. DTS-HD Master Audio is available but that is not likely to be something that will get most crying with joy.

Upon initial impression it seems that most of what Sony promised is true. All of the icons for the games pop up very quickly compared to the previous store, loading times seem to have dramatically shortened. Everything seems top-notch, and everything is easy to find.