New look PlayStation Store demoed


Sony has updated their official blog to show a video of Grace Chen navigating the new look PlayStation Store. The video shows the new sections of the store, and how content will be displayed in the future. It also gives us the first look at the preview screen launching, which we talked about earlier.  It seems the preview option can be used to show a video or screenshots of the game in question. It also showcases that there is a fullscreen option available when watching a streamed video as well, so you wont hurt your eyes looking at a small screen.

Also, the icons for the games popped up very quickly in the video compared to the one in the current store, so loading times seem to have dramatically shortened in the move away from the web based interface which is nice. An A-Z quick search option was shown as well, as was the star markers which will mark new content so it is easy to find.

We also found out Grace Chen looks very cute, which is the most important news from this latest update!