New iTunes Phone

After the poor reception of the first phone to feature iTunes software – the ROKR, Motorola has announced a new phone that will feature the software. The new phone comes from the RAZR series and is called the V3i. It will also contain some upgraded features from previous RAZR phones. Gone is the VGA camera, being replaced with a 1.2 megapixel camera, the internal memory has also been boosted to 30 Megs, the V3i also includes a mini-SD slot to further increase the memory, it is currently unknown whether the V3i will feature the same 100 track limitaion that the ROKR did.

Motorola also announced two new colour variations of the RAZR. The first is colour is pink, which was made famous by Russian tennis play Maria Sharapova, the second colour is an all-new one, a pale shade of blue. Both these phones contain exactly the same features as before, so I’m afraid you are stuck with the pants VGA camera.

All three phones will be out in time for Christmas.