New Info On Xbox360 Demo Units

Microsoft recently revealed detail on the demo units which will be placed in stores close to (and after) the Xbox360 launch by sending out a email to game store employees. The demo units will use a 26″ HDTV flat screen, with possibilities to connect your own headset(it’s becoming more normal for people to have an iPod’s, or other kinds of player with them with them). You can also connect your memory card which opens the possibilities for loading your own settings or downloading special material which can only be found in stores. Microsoft and other companies are thinking about sending special discs to stores which contains this material.

This means that everyone has a chance to play their favourite 360 game with good sound and on a HDTV. This is a good way for Microsoft to show the world the difference between a normal TV and a HDTV. So if you’re still sceptical about buying an HDTV just try before you buy.