New Info On Irrational’s Bioshock has just updated with loads more info on Bioshock. Bioshock will be a mix of free-form RPG (think Oblivion) and FPS. You will start the game at the seen of a plane crash in the middle of the ocean. Upon seeing a lighthouse nearby you swim to it only to find out it leads to an underwater city built during WWII as a protected paradise for the Earth’s best intellectuals, athletes and artists to live in peace and prosperity. Of course things have gone terribly wrong and now the inhabitants are hideous mutants and of course the ocean is beginning to get in.

You will be able to upgrade yourself through aquiring a genetic substance named Adom or you can use the substance as cash in exchange for weapons if you wish to take the full on FPS approach. The game sounds very creepy and very atmosphiric. Check out the full article yourself.

The game is said to be the spiritual successor to the awesome System Shock 2.

Source: Gaming 360