New Halo 2 playlist announced.

Some big news coming from the guys at Bungie Studios. A whole new type of playlist has been announced. Intended for the best of the best…Team Hardcore!

Details as follows..

[i]”The toughest, most brutal, most unforgiving matchmaking playlist ever devised. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s Team Hardcore. The name is likely to stay. It represents the fact that this list is hard.

It’s a ranked playlist, designed so that skilled players are matched with skilled players, beginners are matched with beginners, but there will not be a leaderboard for this list, which should cut down dramatically on idiots boosting. This list is purely for folks who want a challenge.

As a matter of fact, this list had more input from players than any prior change to matchmaking. We polled users, ran forum threads and did a ton of research about what folks wanted, what they were playing and what worked best on a map by map basis. It takes a long time to do it, but the list will go live in a few weeks, say mid to late October. There’s still testing and tweaking to be done, so that date is somewhat variable.

The list covers ten maps, and embraces about 10 or 11 game types. Almost every single one of these games will have you starting with a Battle Rifle and a Magnum, as well as default ‘nades. Snipers and Covenant Slayer are obvious exceptions to that equipment rule. And of course, there will be no Motion Sensor, ever.

The gametypes are typically Oddball, King of the Hill, CTF (with classic rules), Single Bomb Assault and of course, lots of Slayer.

Here’s another gem of hardcoreness Weapons respawn times are doubled. That means you’re actually going to have to conserve Battle Rifle ammo, and lord knows, Sniper ammo where appropriate.”[/i]

Source Bungie