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New GTA V live action commercial images leak

Over the weekend, Reddit member marcodj posted images of a new GTA V commercial planning for release sometime later this year. While all we’ve seen thus far are computer generated images of the game, it’s nice to know that Rockstar still has a flair for the dramatic. And crashed cars. Did I mention I love this studio? The filming took place in Mexico over the weekend.

GTA V - Commercial 1 GTA V - Commercial 2 GTA V - Commercial 3 GTA V - Commercial 4 GTA V - Commercial 5

Notice the 3rd image contains the GTA V log0 – apart from that sight, the only information we have is that “The guy in the suit of the last photo exits the totaled car while talking to the camera; as he makes his way out, the car explodes and he walks by the car under the trees while some other effects are set behind him.”

GTA V - Commercial 6 GTA V - Commercial 7

More information as we get it – we’ve reached out to Rockstar in hopes of learning more about how they plan to use this particular sequence.