New Gears Of War MP Maps This Week!

It is being reported that brand new downloadable content Gears of War will be hitting the Live Marketplace in the form of two new multiplayer maps before the end of this week. Sponsored by the Discovery Channel, the complimentary new content will be available for download free via Xbox Live Marketplace early Thursday morning, January 11 (USA time). A small description of the maps have also being released to tide gamers over until the end of the week.

Raven Down: A Raven Helicopter has gone down in the middle of a large scale battle with the omnipresent Locust Horde. Gears have taken out the Seeder and gamers join Delta Forces moving into the crash site from all angles to search for survivors.

Old Bones: In an attempt to eradicate any traces of human history and culture, the Locust Horde has emerged under Sera’s Capitaline Museums and has begun to destroy them brick by brick. Each gamer’s mission is to help the Delta Force recapture the museums before all remnants of humankind’s existence are obliterated.

Remember, even though the description of the maps above read like a story these are just multiplayer maps and not addition to the campaign – nevertheless they should be still be loads of fun for everyone still having fun with Gears! Well done Epic for continuing to support the game!