New Gameplay Info For GTA: San Andreas

General Info
[size=8][*]The game takes itself slightly more serious than the others, but the comedy elements are still there.
[*]A full staff of researchers personnel have been “studying” Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles for months to ensure that they truly capture the feelings of these exciting cities.[/list] [/size]
Location Info
[size=8][*]The game does not take place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Las Vegas. It will actually take place IN ALL THREE as well as the countryside/desert in between them.
[*]Los Angeles will be called Los Santos, San Francisco will be called San Fieero, and Las Vegas will be called Las Venturra.
[*]Each one of the cities are about the same size as the whole ofVice City.
[*]As per usual not all cities will be open at the start of the game.
[*]The entire game will be about four to six times as large as Vice City.
[*]San Fierro (San Francisco) will have hills. This city is more driving based.
[*]You can drive from LA, through the countryside, up a mountain, into San Fran, and onto Las Vegas.
[*]Driving through the desert won’t be empty and plain with a couple cacti…it will be vibrant and alive with weird things to see.
[*]There will be a lot more buildings with open interiors.[/list] [/size]

[size=8][*]The graphics engine has been tweaked. Smog will be present in LA, and real-time reflections on cars, windows, and mirrors, as well as new techniques like radial lighting, which allows for more realistic shadowing, and soft-shadow lighting for interior levels will be present.
[*]Everything in the game now has independent models for day and night to give better lighting and shadowing.
[*]The game will have ragdoll physics, or “impact animation” in Rockstar’s words.[/list][/size]
[size=8][*]As for vehicles, there will be pimped-out lowriders, and 90’s versions of many cars available for you to drive.
[*]There will be bicycles, Bicycles!![/list][/size]

Small Story Details
[size=8][*]Characters from the past will return.[/list] [/size]
Character AI
[size=8][*]Enemy/pedestrian AI will be greatly revamped and they will think more logically.
[*]You can’t beat someone to death in broad daylight and not have people notice and react.
[*]Your enemies will be smarter, which will make robbing houses take a lot of skill.[/list] [/size]
[size=8][*]The choice of weapons will match the time in which the era of the early 90’s.[/list] [/size]
Gameplay Innovations
[size=8][*]In the Las Vegas city, you will be able to buy and build a casino – and then run it.
[*]You can then gamble your money in the casino.
[*]Your character can dual wield pistols and potentially other weapons.
[*]You need to eat to retain your stamina. If you eat too much fast food, you become fat and pedestrians mock you for being fat. You also run slower. To remedy this, you can go to a gym to exercise.
[*]You can now rob homes. The robberies will require skill and planning, however.
[*]You can recruit gang members and use them to do four person drive-by’s.[/list] [/size]

Radio Stations
[size=8][*]For those concerned there will be more than just a rap station. Many were worried there would be just rap due to the setting of the game but there is a vast selection of music.[/list][/size]