New Features Announced For FM 2006

Sports Interactive and SEGA are pleased to announce the penultimate set of new features for Football Manager 2006 PC/Mac. The Sports Interactive team have been working hard to create the next edition to the ultimate Football Management experience and this is shown in the amount of new content being added to this highly anticipated title.

New Features

Match Commentary revamp – Heaps of new commentary lines used in match for added atmosphere and detail to identify what’s happening on the pitch.

– “Player Form” & “Player Stats” screens – More pertinent information regarding a players form and match stats, presented in a user-friendly manner.

– “Quick” tactic mode – Now you can shout from the touchlines to make small or full tactical changes without having to stop the match.

Improved match engine realism – Working with Ray Houghton, the ex-Liverpool and Republic of Ireland player, SI have analysed every area of the match engine looking for areas to improve the engine to make it the most realistic experience ever.

Injury module revamp – No more “physio reports” needed after injuries as the physio’s now come to you. Full feedback on injuries, including various treatment options.

General UI improvements – Improvements to the user interface make it easier to find your way around the game and reduce the amount of mouse button clicks.

Ticker Bar – Not only can you gain score updates during matches but a configurable news ticker bar updates you on news from around the globe, or just locally if you prefer.

Media overhaul – Loads more information is now given through news items using an all new “player bio” system, this is inclusive of, but not limited to, club landmark year news, better feedback on your start as a manager, more celebration of success and much more info about players in media items.

Full Time Team Talks – With the addition of Half Time team talks to Football Manager 2006, Sports Interactive felt it only fair to add full time team talks to allow you to comment on team or individual performances at the end of the match to the players. How will they react?