New DMC4 Details Surface

We bring you the details in bullet point form!

– Dante’s apperance will be older, cooler, and will also have a beard.

– Kobayashi feels that at first, he wanted to make DMC4 easier, but then realized this would go against the wishes of many fans. So instead, he wants to make the game ‘easier to control’ and ‘get into’ instead of making the game easier strategically.

– Itsuno (the game’s director) concering the difficulty says, DMC4 will be a hard game, “there is no turning back now” is how the translated quote goes.

– The overall ‘game’ will drastically increase in DMC4, says the director Itsuno. Saying that it will have more weapons/moves/bosses/enemies/speed/sound/design/scene atmosphere than DMC1, DMC2, and DMC3 combined.

– Kobayashi says that he can’t comment on PS3’s maximum graphical potential, but says that the lowest minimum bar on how DMC4 looks in real-time is that of the TGS trailer.

– Kobayashi does not know when DMC4 will be done (no release date or a rough quarter/period) is known.

– And lastly the producer says the next time you will see DMC4 is when it’s running entirely in real-time with final designs.

Source IGN Forums