New Devil May Cry 4 Hits Live Marketplace

With everyone getting in the mood for the exciting, albeit highly toned down, E3 that is coming right around the comer, Capcom have released some brand-new 360 content the upcoming game to brighten up your next gen console, there is even a trailer from Tokyo Game Show in there, should you be the kind of person that has an unspeakable fear of downloading things direct to you PC, which you could have done 10 months ago!. Right from the mouth of the omnipotent being known as Major Nelson the info on the new content.

Name: DMC4 Heroes and Heroine Picture Pack
Price: 100 Points

Name: DMC4 on Xbox 360 Celebration Theme
Price: 150 Points

Name: DMC4 2006 Tokyo Game Show Trailer (HD)
Price: Free