New COD4 online modes being tested

Call of Duty 4’s community manager Robert Bowling revealed on his blog that he’s been in the process of testing four new multiplayer modes for Infinity Ward’s smash hit FPS.

The modes comprise of Bare-bones Team Deathmatch, which removes all perks and kill-streak rewards. Could this be the ultimate test of Call of Duty skill?

Hardcore HQ should hopefully encourage more teamwork and tactical playing by removing the HUD, increasing damage, and enabling friendly fire.

Hardcore Free-for-all adds these same tougher conditions to the every-man-for-himself mode too.

Multi-bomb Search and Destroy is also in testing. This will revamp the S&D mode by giving every member of the attacking team a bomb.

There’s no mention if-and-when these modes might be making a public appearance, but we’ll keep you posted.