New 360’s Are Oh So Quiet?

Sometime your 360 can get very loud making you SHOUT TO TALK TO YOUR MULTIPLAYER FRIENDS… as you may suspect and have experienced this is very annoying! Thankfully Microsoft is trying to fix this and infact may have fixed it a long time ago without telling anyone. How did they do this you may ask! Well it all to do with the BenQ DVD-ROM Drive – a new drive installed in the latest machines which run much quieter.

This drive is reportedly “super-quiet” and a huge change from the Toshiba-Samsung and Hitachi-LG drives which were in all older 360 that were available in the late 2005 and 2006. However don’t start cheering just yet and keep your Hall’s Soothers to hand as it is still unknown if the Toshiba-Samsung or Hitachi-LG drives are now completely dropped but according to reports on Xbox-Scene the BenQ DVD-ROM Drive’s are in some of the latest machine. Are the BenQ’s an all out replacement or just an addition to the other two drives? Only time will tell!