Neversoft officially walk away from Tony Hawk series

To put it bluntly, with a little bit of self-censorship, the Tony Hawk series got a little bit poop over the last few years. Activision and Neversoft certainly seemed to be aware of this, as they made sure the series took a break from consoles in 2008, only releasing a version for the DS, which turned out rather poopy regardless.

With this nasty stink in the air, many rumours of where the series was going were pooping popping up over the last few months. However, only now has Neversoft boss Joel Jewett taken the time to announce the studio will finally walk away from the franchise.

It’s probably best for the franchise,” Jewett remarks to Great Falls Tribune. “It’s time for someone else to add fresh ideas to it.

Let’s hope this new game, whoever has taken it on, won’t be complete shit then. Oh shit, I mean poop. I fucked up there.