Nell McAndrew and Gabby Logan at Wii Fit launch

It has been revealed that three celebs will be partaking in the UK Wii Fit launch, with Nell McAndrew, Gabby Logan and Kenny Logan appearing at London’s South Bank on the Wednesday April 23rd to kick off the Wii Fit festivities. The event will be start at 8am and go on all the way until 2pm, so if you plan on going make you get there early, or there will probably be a big line.

Some may know the celebrities involved for the myriad of different things they partook in over their careers, however most will probably know them from stints on various reality TV programs.

We are not sure we can find a suitable Nell McAndrew photo, and seeing as a lot of you guys read the site at work we’ve gone Gabby instead for our photo. Oh, and just so you know we did not even consider a photo of Kenny. Sorry man!