Navy Field 2 update arrives today with Marine Nationale

Navy Field 2, the Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS), is today receiving the Marine Nationale patch. The update includes new ships and twp new maps called Ocean and Narrow Sea.

Julia Moon, Lead Project Manager of Navy Field 2 at NEXON Europe had this to say:

We’re ecstatic to bring a new nation to Navy Field 2. Marine Nationale will give players more high level weaponry to exploit and new maps to explore with advanced battleships. Navy Field 2 provides high performance gaming using a less resource intensive 3D engine, therefore this new update offers more competitive gameplay and events on a larger scale, bringing Navy Field 2 to the forefront of the naval MMORTS genre.

Marine Nationale features:

  • Excellent ship design – receive reduced damages compared to other nations’ similar class ships.
  • Sailors who are trained for increased accuracy – gun shells will be more concentrated than other nations‘.
  • High quality fuel that will help to maintain Overheat periods for longer than other nations’ ships.
  • Heavy calibre machine gun bullets – automatic Anti-Aircraft weapon damage is higher than other nations’ similar classes.
  • High level battleships with an attractive armament that no other nation has – 14” Quad Gun.

Fancy taking a stab at controlling your own fleet against the world? Then you can play Navy Field 2 by signing up at