Tekken 6

Namco doing a fan vote on who should be in Tekken X Street Fighter

Street Fighter X Tekken is just about ready to roll out the door at Capcom, and now it seems Namco is ready to get fan opinion on who should be in their version on the unique crossover duo of games.

To gauge interest, they have just put up a poll on Facebook, asking fans to vote for up to five people from the large roster of each game. With enough votes, a character of your choosing could be included in the final roster.

Your vote does not mean a character is guaranteed to appear in the final game though, as Namco have been clever enough to add a disclaimer. “NOTE : THE OUTCOME OF THIS POLL DOES NOT GUARANTEE OR DETERMINE WHICH CHARACTERS WILL BE IMPLEMENTED IN THE GAME” they write, with their Caps Lock button firmly held down.

Namco also ask fans to make sure to message Katsuhiro Harada, the games director, on Twitter (@Harada_TEKKEN) if they have any more suggestions or questions.

Not much more is known about Tekken X Street Fighter currently, other than it will showcase the 3D fighting style seen in the Tekken franchise as opposed to 2D on show in Street Fighter X Tekken and the regular Street Fighter games.