Namco announce Katamari Damacy Tribute for PS3


Via the latest issue of Famitsu, Namco have announced Katamari Damacy Tribute for PS3. As the name suggests, it is a tribute to the series, and could have multiple parts of the older games all tied into one.

Hopefully, the new title will have a big portion of Katamari Damacy, the first iteration of the series which reared it head back in 2004, as regretfully that never made its way to Euro shores.

Reports cite this new version of the game will be presented in full 1080p HD, will feature “all-new visual presentation,” and the soundtrack will boast remixes of previous titles.

Who knows if the game will make it to Euro shores this time around, as Namco are not the most consistent with their European releases. However, at least importing is a valid option this time, thanks to the region freeness of the PS3.

[Thanks, Joystiq]