N+ Confimred As This Weeks XBLA Game

N+, the Lode Runner / Soldat inspired platformer that began life as a freeware Adobe Flash game has been confirmed as this weeks Xbox Live Arcade Game. It will be released early on the morning of the 20th February. In the game you control a ninja (a tiny one) who runs and jumps around levels, picking up gold, and opening and closing doors. It may not not sound that interesting but this trailer should be enough to convince you whether you want the game or not. You could also try the free PC game over at Metanet’s downloads page to help you decide if you want to spend 800 of those MS points of yours.

Remember that the full game boasts 450 levels, along with a built-in level editor for creating your own challenges, and online multiplayer options in both co-op and competitive so what you see in the trailer is only a small part of the full game

The Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable versions of the game are still in development, and will be released later in the year.