MSN Spaces Goes All Xbox

The latest version of MSN Spaces sports a bunch of new modules and themes and other goodness. But what is the most exciting aspect is the integration with Xbox Live. “Spaces and Xbox Live are both about expressing yourself so this seemed like a perfect partnership” said paces program manager Bill Seahawks309 Heinson. Major Nelson agrees “It’s a great way for gamers to share their accomplishments and express themselves in the community.”

Xbox 360 themes
Trick out your MSN Space with the coolest themes around. There are five of ’em that feature Xbox 360™ colors and imagery in different styles. They all boast an Xbox 360 logo at the top.

How to use them Click the ‘Customize’ button when you’re logged into your MSN Space. Select ‘Themes’, then ‘Music and Entertainment.’ The first five themes are an Xbox 360 goldmine. Select one, hit ‘Save’ and boom, baby … You’re rolling with Xbox style!

Xbox Live modules
There are two extremely sweet new modules for your MSN Space Xbox Live Gamer Card and Xbox Live Recent Games. These will display your live gamer card and the last five games you played. It will even show how many achievements you’ve earned for each title and how many you’ve yet to conquer.

How to make them your own? Log into your MSN Space, hit ‘Customize, then ‘Modules’ and select the module you want—you know you gotta have both! If you don’t yet have an MSN Space, what the heck are you waiting for? You can get one here. All you need is a .NET Passport. It’s free and super easy. Use the same Passport as you used to sign up for your Xbox Live gamer card.