MSN Messenger 7 Beta leaked…

The latest beta version of MSN’s messenging service has been leaked more than a week earlier than planned.

Version 7 is said to be the best version yet. With more added features such as “contact cards” where the users name and picture are displayed; more display pictures; an MSN search bar as well as “wink” and “nudge” features – designed to grab a user’s attention.

“More than 270 million people already visit MSN each month, and with the availability of MSN 7, we expect to appeal to many more consumers,” said Microsoft. “After seeing MSN 7 during internal studies, more than 90 percent of Internet enthusiasts told us that MSN 7 would make their Web experience more useful. MSN 7 will deliver the most useful Internet experience through a new network and home page design, broadband innovations and significant improvements to leading MSN services.”

A general release is planned for early 2005.