MS Offer Limited 300 Themed 360 At Comic-Con

At Comic-Con, Warner Bros – the event sponsors – will be presenting a special screening of the record breaking film 300 at Petco Park – home of the San Diego Padres. At the screening there will only be place for 6,000 lucky Comic-Con attendees to view the film, and out of those 6,000 Microsoft have announced that ten of them will have a chance at getting their hands on a special limited-edition 300-themed Xbox 360 Elite console, which we think looks much nicer than the Halo 3 one.

It is unknown how the attendees will actually win the limited console – and then most likely sell it on eBay – but we imagine they will partake it some sort of grand battle. This is where we FIGHT! This is where they DIE!… Give them nothing! But take from them everything!… Such an offer, only a madman would refuse!