Mr. Tetsuya Mizukuchi speaks about NDS and PSP

GameSpy Are you considering making games for the new portable systems, PSP and DS?

Mizuguchi I am watching PSP and Nintendo DS. I am watching Keitai(Mobile Phones), also. There are small-sized games and big-sized games with high resolution, and to me, these are completely different kinds of projects.

GameSpy Will you also consider making games for Game Boy Advance?

Mizuguchi No.

GameSpy The technology is too old?

Mizuguchi Yes. To me, yes. The-PSP-is-exciting. It has a wider screen-and-better-sound. I think that the-sound-quality-is better than PS2. The resolution is high. I like the power and the sound technology. This is-the-reason-I-have been watching the PSP.

DS-is-not-gorgeous, I think. I mean the technology-will-not be gorgeous, but it has two screens. As a game designer, I like the-challenge-of-trying to figure out how to design two screens. It is an interesting experiment. It is a new kind of-experiment

GameSpy You always liked experimental games.

Mizuguchi DS is an experiment in multitasking. It’s a brain experiment. I am very interested in both PSP and DS, though I envision completely different games for each.

GameSpy When you make a game like Space Channel Five , how much does it cost?

Mizuguchi I guess we spent about three or four million dollars at the time. If we wanted to remake the game today, it could cost $10 million.

GameSpy How much money do you expect to spend making games for DS and PSP?

Mizuguchi Cheaper. It will be a lot cheaper.

GameSpy [/b]How about Keitai?

Mizuguchi Cheaper still — cheaper than PSP and Keitai. I think games for PSP and DS should be about $1 million, maybe, and Keitai will be $20,000 to $30,000.

GameSpy Under $100, 000?

Mizuguchi Yes. I think so. This would-be-a-very-small game, like a Famicom game. If you want to make-a-network-game, the-cost-will-be-much, much more. It depends on the game. It depends on the size of the game. You may spend several million-dollars-makinga server system

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