MP Keith Vaz Declares Games Let You ‘Rape Women’

More idiotic words have come out of British parliament as MP Keith Vaz has blamed just about everything bad in the world on games. “They can shoot people; they can kill people. As the honourable Gentleman said, they can rape women,” he comments when addressing his peers.

Now, usually at this point we would say this guy does not have a clue what he is talking abut, but thankfully he confirms that himself as he seemingly cannot remember that name of these evil devices that are doing some more harm. “Someone sitting at a computer playing a video game, or someone with one of those small devices that young people have these days, the name of which I forget [Interruption.] PlayStations or PSPs, something of that kind,” he comments as he almost fails to form a sentence.

Thankfully all of parliament is seemingly not comprised of out of touch old men, and one man, Edward Vaizey, who we’d be happy to call our honourable friend spoke up to shush his ramblings. “Is the honourable Gentleman aware of any video game that has as its intention the carrying out of rape or that allows the game player to carry out such an act? The BBFC and I are unaware of any such game,” asks Vaizey.

However, that sensible talk did not last for too long as Vaz then went straight from the sensationalistic option that is Manhunt to further is illogical argument. “I cannot comment on the rape in games issue, but I can tell the House what Stefan Pakeerah’s father said after Warren Leblanc had murdered his son. He said that “Manhunt” is a game using weapons like hammers and knives…The object of Manhunt is not just to go out and kill people. It’s a point-scoring game where you increase your score depending on how violent the killing is. That explains why Stefan’s murder was as horrific as it was,” he concluded

So, as you can see, most people in with a seat in the house are still off-kilter when it comes to the issue of games, but at least one guy seems to know what he is talking about. We are not sure of the rest of Edward Vaizey political intentions, or where he stands on other important matters, but regardless, for now at least he seem like the one clear headed individual in a crowd that hastily jump to blame just about everything they can on the scapegoat that currently is games.