Motorstorm Pacific Rift Demo early September month later in Europe

Sony has announced they will be releasing a Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo as part of QORE, their subscription-based interactive online magazine for the PlayStation Network. Those who download the upcoming episode – QORE: Episode 4 – will get access to the demo, and get to play it “a month before anyone else.

After this month long wait the demo will then go live on PSN as a free download, and be available for all to grab about a week before the games retail release on October 7th

Seeing as QORE is a pay service (costing $2.99 an episode), and is currently only available in the US it will be very hard for Europeans to get their hands on the demo without find some workaround to allow they to pay the subscription fee.

No date has been set in stone for the demo as of yet, but new episodes of QORE usually go up the first Thursday of every month. Because of this a September 4th release in likely in our humble opinion