MotorStorm Complete makes retail appearance


Over on Play-Asia a game called MotorStorm Complete has appeared, and is currently being sold for US$ 49.90 (€31.55) by the site. The site comments the game will be released May 22, 2008 in Japan, although that could be just a placeholder date. No hints of the games existence came before now, and as such no US/Euro release is currently planned.

So, what exactly is MotorStorm Complete? Well, the site itself does not comment on what the disc contains, but judging by the name we’d guess that it could be the original Motorstorm, but with all the DLC included on disc with it. Maybe Sony is releasing it for people who don’t have their PS3 online? We are not sure why they’d choose to do that.

The original Motorstorm was released in Japan December 14th 2006.

Update: Someone just shouted to remind us that the Japanese version of Motorstorm didn’t have online play out of the gate, so this is likely a new version of the game to make up for that. If this is the case we would not expect a Euro/US release as both of those had online access on release.