Miyamoto More-Or-Less Confirms StarFox Wii

In a recent interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu Shigeru Miyamoto expressed his opinions on what he hopes a new version of StarFox would play like while experienced on the Wii. He commented that he would love to let gamers to use the Wii controller to a high extent to control the airwing while playing the title. Whether this means a new StarFox game is in development for Wii remains to be seen but it is still a very big hint of the franchise winging it way to the Wii.

If StarFox does come to the Wii the future lets hope it is the beginning of a new start for the franchise as both of Fox’s outings on the GameCube have been far from spectacular. Let’s hope Nintendo remembers that the StarFox team are at their best when in an airwing (and maybe in a Landmaster Tank) and they try and keep any on-foot action to a minimum this time. When this news is coupled with the recently announced DS version of the game we hope people will learn to love Fox once again. We can only hope that the magic of the SNES and N64 versions are included in these upcoming titles.

We’re still unsure how we would “do a barrel roll” with the Wiimote though. We know Falco will get on our case about that one!