More MotorStorm Tracks Incoming

If you are still playing Motorstorm – for whatever crazy reason you may have for doing so – then you may be interested in hearing that those crazy, crazy guys at Evolution Studios are all set to release yet more content for the game on the PlayStation Store.

The new content will come in the form of two brand spanking new tracks for the game for you to hurtle you automobile of choice around. The first new track will go by the name “Eagle’s Nest” and as the name implies will see you up on one of the higher points of Monument Valley on very tight track. While the other – “Diamondback Speedway” – will be a more wide open track on the flatter part of the Valley.

The tracks will be released later this month, and will cost £3.49, which we are sure you’ll be happy to pay if you are still playing the game – for whatever crazy reason.