More Lost Odyssey Games On The Way?

According to Microsoft Japan, Lost Odyssey is set to become a franchise. Well, it certainly seems so, unless recent comments are a slip of the tongue. The Japanese arm of the company reports that they are happy with the recent 100k sales of Lost Odyssey in the territory – which is very good for a 360 game over there, in all honesty. Then, after declaring their delight the spokesperson comments “the series will grow as time goes on.”

Eurogamer then went on further, and did the sensible thing by sending an email Microsoft’s way. However, they believe the email will return with the now familiar comment Microsoft “does comment on rumour or speculation.” We believe the same will happen, but we really wish Microsoft would be nicer to us seeing we write some much about their games. However, we still don’t like Jeff Bell, so maybe that’s the reason for their hate. However, our hate of him with not change, as that smile of his burns through us right to our very core.

Look out for what could now very well be the first of the Lost Odyssey series which is out this Friday in Europe. Our review will be up soon which will tell you more, but it is apparently a top notch game. “If you like the genre, you’ll like the game most likely” comments our reviewer Dominic when he was questioned by a shady individual earlier today.