More Free Swag To Entice Japanese 360 Buyers

It seems that Microsoft is still hard at work trying to win over the Japanese with yet another deal involving one of their key Japanese titles and some form of great free gift. This time the game is Ninety Nine Nights a the gift is a demo disc.

From March 1st, anybody who buys or pre-orders either a Xbox 360, a game or any accessory will get a free Ninety Nine Nights demo disk, giving them a chance to sample the Tetsuya Mizuguchir Ninety Nine Nights. The game itself is due out in Japan on April 20th after been delayed a few months to make way for some last minute tuning. The first shipment of the game will also come with yest another Japan-only bonus a “Motion View Card” acrylic key chain that houses a 20-frame video clip of the game’s main character.

Source Eurogamer