More Details On ‘Wee For Wii’ Tragedy

In a decision of Donald Trump like proportions the station the was linked to the death of a woman after she took part in a Wii related competition have took action against all the staff responsible by firing ten different members who played a part on the show and planed the competition.

It has now also being revealed that the show had known of the possible problem drinking that much water could bring but continued regardless. It is believed that a woman called the station as the contest was in progress and told them about the possibility of water intoxication and one host told her, “we’re aware of that,” while another said the contestants had signed a release and joked “so we’re not responsible“. The host even went on to joke with the contestants asking them if anyone involved was dying quipping them to make sure he signed the release just in case.

Sadly all this wisecracking happened long before one of the contestants was later found dead at her home. It also is now believed their are no grounds for criminal investigation “It’s not as if she was somehow in their custody and they had a role to care for her,” Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness told the Bee on Tuesday. “Rather, it was an invitation to a contest that was clearly ill- advised. She was exercising her free will. If there’s anything to suggest a criminal act by anyone involved in this, we’d pick it up and run with it.