More Crackdown A Possibility

We loved Crackdown last year, and it was a hell of a lot better than the Halo 3 Beta laced Trojan horse many made it out to be. With it’s co-op missions, exciting cars, and selection of exaggerated superpowers there was a hell of a lot more to love about the game than originally expected.

However, our opinion really does not matter, but thankfully in a interview with Wired Microsoft seem to agree. “We still love Crackdown,” said Microsoft corporate vice president Shane Kim.”We consider that a pretty successful title for us, high-quality, I think that customers would like to see more in that space. So that’s an option for us.

So, when a new Crackdown game is not on the cards as of yet it is great to hear that something could happen down the line if enough blocks all fall into place. That’s great news in our opinion. In fact, it is such good news we shall share a link to one of our favorite Crackdown explosions ever.