More Actors Join New Street Fighter Movie

Variety report that even more ‘stars’ are jumping aboard the crowed car that is the new Street Fighter film. If you are not keeping up to date (avoiding it like a plague might be a better way of wording that!) then you probably won’t know that Kristin Kreuk (of Smallville fame) was already confirmed for the role of Chun-Li some time ago – who is the films main star this time round.

The new big names joining her will be Michael Clarke Duncan, Chris Klein, and Rick Yune. Duncan has been confirmed as playing the part of Balrog. Klein will be playing Nash (better known as Charlie over here) who is Guile’s war buddy, and Rick Yun will play Gen, who apparently trained Chun Li.

Furthermore, Moon Bloodgood (of Journeyman fame – a show that NBC canceled too early I’ll have you know), Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, Edmund Chen, and Hong Kong film star Cheng Pei Pei will also play parts in the new film – although their parts are as yet unknown.

Variety also reports that the filmmakers are still looking for someone to play the films main villain, Bison. Although whoever they choose will most likely be a letdown after Raul Julia performance in the 1994 effort – which was sadly one of the last movie he partook in before his death.

If, after reading all this you are till interested then you’ll be happy to know that the film is currently scheduled to go into production sometime next month.