The Moment of Silence From Digital Jesters DVD-Only

Following consultation with adventure games fans the world over, the UK, Scandinavian, Benelux and South African retail version of Digital Jesters cinematic adventure will come on DVD-only.

The decision to issue a DVD-only version to retail was taken after Digital Jesters surveyed the biggest adventure games Websites in the world.

We take our fans’ opinions very seriously,” says Leo Zullo, marketing director, Digital Jesters, “[/i]but the survey results were pretty conclusive, so we’ve naturally opted to give them what they want. Digital Jesters is all about fostering community spirit, and our fans seem genuinely impressed we took the time to find out more from them – and we’re confident they’re going to like what they see[/i].”

But fear not those without the appropriate hardware needn’t worry a version spanning four CDs will be exclusively available online, direct from [link=http//]DJ’s Website[/link].