Molyneux To Talk At Leipzig Convention

It has been revealed that Peter Molyneux will be taking the time to talk about Lionhead Studios’ research into next-gen fighting games at Leipzig next week. The folling is a description of the talk will be about and it sounds very interesting:

For video games to make the transition to next generation platforms, existing genres need to be revisited and evolved in order to maximise the technical potentials of new platform and appeal to a mass market audience. With this in mind Lionhead Studios has actively been researching potential advances in fighting games. This talk will be focussed on those new advances centering around the inspirational of next generational combat games using film clips, concepts and animations to show Lionhead’s bold steps toward revolutionise combat in video games. This talk by Peter Molyneux does not focus on any particular product but instead examine the processes and research that went into moving a much loved but very familiar genre to its next iteration.