Molyneux Talks Fable 2

Speaking to GamePro at the GDC Peter Molyneux has talked in-depth at Fable 2 and his hopes for the game. He talked on many aspect of the game but firstly focused on the ability to have a dog as a sidekick. He commented that “a new canine sidekick will help players distract or threaten enemies, scout out new locations, and find hidden items.” He boasted that this is “something you’ve never seen before.” Molyneux also revealed that you would be able to level up your K-9 as you worked you way thorough the game and he would grow to adopt its master’s traits.

Following on from that he also unveiled that is was possible to get pregnant in the game – which in turn revealed that females are now a new option for the protagonist. He also hastened to add the all the options he talked about were only small addition to the game and would not take away from the games main appeal. He comment that Fable 2 “isn’t a pregnancy simulation” and wanted people to know that the extras “musn’t piss players off.”

Finally he commented that it was very unlikely that Fable 2 would appear in 2007 and when you combine this with the fact that GamePro thought the graphics were “in the ultra-early build” this all points to a 2008 release date.

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