Molyneux may reveal new game early next year

You may be just getting ready for Fable 2, which is coming out October 24 in case you have not being paying attention, but it seems Peter Molyneux will soon be ready to give us some solid info on his next big super secret project.

In fact, if his recent ramblings are to be believed, then we will only have to wait until next March at GDC 09 to get our first look.

“Everyone at Microsoft who’s seen it is super excited about it – I mean there’s just this huge anticipation for us to finally show it, because it is so unbelievably ambitious,” he remarks to Kikizo. “There’s nothing else remotely like it ever before.

Regretfully, no one has a single idea of what this game will be about, although we are sure Peter will hype it up to such epic proportions it will have no chance of living up to said hype when released.