Molyneux calls Oblivion a 20,000 page book that you’re unlikely to finish

When questioned about rival games in an interview with T3, Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux has voiced his opinion on Oblivion, the absolutely huge RPG that was release by Bethesda back in 2006.

[A]s a designer, if I hear ’sixty or seventy hours’, then in my mind that is the equivalent of giving me a book that is twenty thousand pages long. And if I said to you, here’s a fantastic book, go and read that… Are you likely to finish a twenty thousand page book? No,” he remarks

So in Fable 2, the story lasts thirteen to fourteen hours and by the end of that story what you are like, what you look like and how the world treats you is completely up to you,” he continued. If you want to be evil or good or kind or cruel, then that’s totally up to you. With Oblivion it was basically all about me killing things

Fable 2 is out at the end of this week, and according to recent review it seems to be a lot better than a paperback edition.