Miyamoto Speaks On Mario 128, The DS Plus Pokemon

In a recent interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu Miyamoto-san airs his thoughts on Nintendo and their future. He spoke on a number off things but here is the highlights from his interview.

Online gaming

He is sure that in 3 to 4 years Online gaming will be mainstream and stated “we know that we have to move”. The DS will get online gaming sooner then you think and Square-Enix and Nintendo is working together on DS online


Speaking on the GameCube he said Mario Baseball is a joint project with Namco and Mario 128 is under development for GC but its still a secret when it will be released! He then stated that “we are making a new Pokemon Game for GC with STRONG Allies

Gameboy Advance

Earthbound 2 (mother 3) will be released soon!!