Miyamoto confirms Pikmin game is being developed

At Nintendo’s E3 2008 Developer Roundtable, Shigeru Miyamoto was present to further demonstrate some of the new Wii games that were announced at Tuesday’s conference. He was also there to answer questions from the audience of gaming press.

Near the end of the Roundtable, a Q&A took place, and one intrepid soul plucked up the courage to question Miyamoto on whether or not a new Pikmin was in the works. At first Miyamoto replied that he would announce the new game when he was ready. A few moments later though he confirmed (through his translator) that “We’re making Pikmin.” Cue huge applause.

No other details of this Pikmin sequel have been confirmed. We don’t even know whether it’s in development on Wii or DS (or both). The pointer controls of either device would work splendidly with Pikmin’s ‘people management’ game-mechanics.