Midway Planing Sequel To Area 51

According to a job listings at GameDev.net a position has opened up at Midway as they are working on what they call “the sequel to the first-person shooter released in 2005 for the PC, Xbox and PS2.” Although it is not named in the listing the description can only be talking about one game and that is the above average FPS – Area 51 which they released last year. The listing also says the game “will be hitting next-gen consoles”

The listing goes offers some more information stating that the studio is now looking for an animator and visual effects artist for the title. The two positions also mention familiarity with the Unreal Engine and “working on FPS games” as bonus qualifications.

While Area 51 was not a killer-ap of an FPS it was intresting enough to gain a few fans. Here is hoping the studio have some good idea’s for the sequel! If you interested the PC version of Area 51 can be picked up for only £4.99 on play.com if you want to see what the franchise is all about.