Midway Aquires The Pitbull Syndicate

Midway Games today acquired UK development studio The Pitbull Syndicate, best known for its arcade racing games. Midway has acquired the privately-held developer in a “primarily stock transaction” for 200,000 Midway shares, currently valued at just over $15, making the deal worth around $3 million. The Newcastle, England-based studio is currently developing Midway’s driver L.A. Rush along with additional next generation projects. It will be renamed Midway Studios – Newcastle.

Midway boss David Zucker (pictured) said, “This close-knit team of highly talented developers brings to Midway a successful track record, specifically the Test Drive series, of which three titles have sold over one million units. L.A. Rush will be the first title in our co-marketing relationship with MTV, and we are excited to add the creative force behind this title to our expanding internal development staff.

Midway’s SVP worldwide studios Matt Booty added, “Pitbull has mastered the art and science of arcade-style racers, with sophisticated technology that allows huge free-roaming environments, hundreds of destructible objects, and an advanced artificial intelligence system capable of handling more than 100 vehicles at once. Pitbull will form the foundation of Midway’s future racing games, and we are excited to expand our international presence in one of the strongest regions for game development talent in the UK.